Former Clients

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the good and hard work you and your wonderful staff did in getting my son approved for SSDI. You, and all of the staff were extremely helpful and of the highest caliber.
– Michael A.

I applied for SSDI benefits twice and was turned down. I finally decided to hire an attorney so I went to Yelp and Cynthia Starkey’s law office came highly recommended. I contacted her and feel it was the best decision I ever made. They answered all of my questions and handled all the paperwork for me. They gave me peace of mind. I was approved in a timely fashion and owe it to Cynthia Starkey’s office. I highly recommend her and would not hesitate to refer her to anyone who has the same needs as me.
– James S.

Cynthia Starkey was recommended to me and I am so grateful I chose her to represent me to lead me through the process. I put my complete faith in her and her staff from day one. I felt that Cynthia’s vast experience and expertise, was key to my favorable outcome. I truly appreciated the care and dedication I received from Cynthia and her staff. I know I could not have done it alone.
– Sally T.

I was referred to Cynthia Starkey’s Law Offices by a relative who had previously enlisted the services of the firm. My relative provided a stellar five-star recommendation of both Cynthia and her staff having been successful in her claim for disability. When I contacted the office for an appointment, the staff was very helpful by answering all my questions in a friendly and professional manner. During our first and only meeting, The legal process seemed daunting at first however the staff at Cynthia ‘s office kept me well informed of my case’s progress and provided me with a realistic time-line for each stage of the process.I was very fortunate to have won my case at the reconsideration stage. I attribute this, in part, to the exceptional work done by the staff at Cynthia’s law firm.
– George C.

I want to thank Cynthia from the bottom of my heart for being so patient. When I won my case and received my award it allowed me some breathing room. She has literally changed my life and has given me a reason to hope.
– Eva K.

Cynthia is the best, most honest, hard-working attorney in the Valley. This woman fights for you until the end and gets things done. Cynthia’s staff is also a big part of her success and that is how it is supposed to be. What a team!
– Anonymous – Yelp

Yo estoy eternamente agradecida por haber conocido a Cynthia. Sus servicios y atenciones me hicieron muy feliz porque realmente estaba pasando por momentos financieros muy difíciles. Las asistentes de Cynthia explican todo muy claramente y siempre fueron muy responsables con mi caso. Toda la oficina es muy organizada y trabajan muy duro. Lidiar con el Seguro Social te da hasta dolor de cabeza, pero Cynthia y su equipo se encargaron de todo y demostraron que el proceso no era tan complicado. La espera de mis beneficios valió la pena. Yo hablo español solamente y creo que fue de mucha ayuda que hay señoritas en la oficina que hablan my idioma porque yo no hablo ni entiendo nada de inglés. Yo se que puedo confiar en Cynthia y en su equipo en todo momento.
– María C.

(Above testimonial translated into English by Rosa Sosa)

I am forever grateful for having met Cynthia. Her services and attentions made me very happy because I was struggling financially for a very long time. Cynthia’s staff explained everything very clearly and her assistants were always on top of my case. The whole office is very organized and work very hard. Dealing with Social Security is definitely a hassle, but Cynthia and her staff made the process go very smoothly for me. The wait for my benefits was worth it. I speak Spanish only and I think it was helpful that she has staff that speaks my language, because I don’t speak or understand any English. I know I can trust Cynthia and her staff at all times.
– Maria C.

Toi xin cam on luat su Cynthia Starkey da giup do toi trong vong hai ba nam qua. Co la mot nguoi rat tot va hien. Nho co noi chuyen voi toa ma nay toi da nhan duoc phan thuong cua SSI. Mot lan nua toi that long cam ta su lam viec cua co Cynthia.
– A. Nguyen

(Below testimonial translated into English by Kati Truong)

I want to thank attorney Cynthia Starkey for helping me with my case. She is very kind and considerate. With her help at the hearing, I am now receiving my benefits from SSI. Once again I want to sincerely thank Cynthia for her hard work.
– A. Nguyen